Фазовая диаграмма системы Ag-Ga

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Ag-Ga (Silver-Gallium) M.R. Baren The assessed phase diagram for the Ag-Ga system is based primarily on the work of [42Hum], [59Hum], and [72Pre]. The liquidus curve is taken from the diagram of [72Pre], except for the composition range 29 to 50 at.% Ga, in which case the actual data points of [59Hum] have been used. The liquidus curves of [ 59Hum] and [72Pre] are in very close agreement. A considerable solid solubility range exists in the Ag-rich end, with a maximum solubility of approximately 19 at.% Ga at 611 C. The peritectic reaction (Ag) + L = z at 611 C and the eutectoid reaction z = (Ag) + z› at 381 C are fairly well established, as in the order-disorder transformation, z = z›, which occurs over a range of compositions including the critical value, 27 at.% Ga at 425 C. At higher Ga concentrations, the positions of the phase boundaries are uncertain. There are also indications that further phase transformations involving the z phase may occur. 42Hum: W. Hume-Rothery and K.W. Andrews, J. Inst. Met., 68, 133-143 (1942). 59Hum: W. Hume-Rothery and K.W. Andrews, Z. Metallkd., 50, 661-662 (1958). 61Kin: H.W. King and T.B. Massalski, Philos. Mag., 6, 669-682 (1961). 64Str: R.P. Stratton and W.J. Kitchingman, Acta Crystallogr., 17, 1471 (1964). 72Pre: B. Predel and D.W. Stein, Metallurgica, 20, 681-692 (1972). 74Hal: S.W. Halder and S.P. Sen Gupta, Acta Crystallogr., A30, 844-845 (1974). Published in Bull. Alloy Phase Diagrams, 11(4), Aug 1990. Complete evaluation contains 2 figures, 7 tables, and 24 references. 1