Фазовая диаграмма системы Ag-Ni

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Ag-Ni (Silver-Nickel) M. Singleton and P. Nash The Ni-Ag system is an apparently simple monotectic system that has not been studied much since the evaluation of [Hansen]. The assessed phase diagram is based on [Hansen], with some modifications based on review of the work of [ 61Ste] and [74Pop]. Although the general form of the Ni-Ag equilibrium diagram is agreed upon, there is a lack of information regarding certain regions of the diagram. In particular, the variation of solid solubility of Ag in (Ni) with temperature and the extent of the liquid/liquid miscibility gap need to be determined. The position of the monotectic point was placed by [Hansen] at approximately 3 at.% Ag on the basis of earlier work [13Ces]. The assessed diagram is drawn accordingly. Data pertaining to the liquid miscibility gap are largely unavailable. The phase boundary is estimated (dashed line). The experimental data used in the assessed diagram are taken from work by [74Pop] on Fe-Ni-Ag and Co-Ni-Ag ternary melts. Although the solid solubility of Ag in (Ni) decreases with decreasing temperature, no quantitative data are available. The estimate of 1 at.% Ag obtained by [Hansen] for the maximum solubility is used in the assessed diagram. [69Ric] used condensation of co-evaporated Ni and Ag onto an amorphous backing to extend the maximum solid solubility of Ni in (Ag) to approximately 15 at.% Ni at the eutectic temperature. 13Ces: P. de Cesaris, Gazz. Chim. Ital., 43(2), 365-379 (1913) in Italian. 61Ste: D.A. Stevenson and J. Wulff, Trans. Metall. AIME, 221, 271-275 (1961). 69Ric: R. Ricci-Bitti and J. Dixmier, Solid State Comm., 18, 1345-1346 (1969). 74Pop: S.I. Popel and V.N. Kozhurkov, Izv. Akad. Nauk. SSSR Met., 2, 49-52 ( 1974) in Russian. 77Sie: T.A. Siewert and R.W. Heine, Metall. Trans. A, 8, 515-518 (1977). Published in Phase Diagrams of Binary Nickel Alloys, 1991, and Bull. Alloy Phase Diagrams, 8(2), Apr 1987. Complete evaluation contains 2 figures, 3 tables, and 12 references. Special Points of the Ni-Ag System