Фазовая диаграмма системы Ag-Ru

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Ag-Ru (Silver-Ruthenium) I. Karakaya and W.T. Thompson The general form of the Ag-Ru phase diagram was drawn by [Moffatt] using information taken from [59Rud]. The Ag-rich side of the assessed phase diagram is given here. Both solid and liquid Ag-Ru alloys were reported to exhibit immiscibility [59Rud]. Slight solid solubility and the absence of intermediate phases were reported [32Bye]. The considerable increase of electrical conductivity of Ag- Ru alloys with the addition of as little as 0.1 at.% Ru was reported to be due to the presence of two phases with finer crystal structure [41Kei]. The finer crystal structure of two-phase mixture of eutectic solidification was confirmed by [59Rud]. The Ru solubility of solid Ag is believed to be quite small on the basis of similar microhardnesses obtained for Ag in an Ag-Ru alloy and pure solid Ag [59Rud]. The eutectic point is at about 3.1 at.% Ru and 920 C [59Rud]. The temperatures of the monotectic reaction was not observed in cooling curve experiments, probably the result of experimental complications resulting from the high partial pressure of Ag at the likely monotectic temperature, if indeed this invariant equilibrium exists in this system. The Ag liquidus, at much lower temperatures, was determined with cooling curve experiments [59Rud]. 32Bye: J.L. Byers, AIME preprint 10, 16 (1932), reference by [Hansen]. 41Kei: C.W. Keitel, U.S. patent 2241262 (1941). 59Rud: A.A. Rudnitskii and O.A. Novikova, Russ. J. Inorg. Chem., 4, 719-722 ( 1959). Published in Bull. Alloy Phase Diagrams, 7(4), Aug 1986. Complete evaluation contains 3 figures, 2 tables, and 17 references. 1