Фазовая диаграмма системы Al-Bi

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Al-Bi (Aluminum-Bismuth) A.J. McAlister Al-Bi is a simple system involving a eutectic, a monotectic, and a liquid miscibility gap. The assessed phase diagram is the result of nonlinear least- squares optimization of parameterized model Gibbs energy functions to select phase diagram and thermodynamic data. It is based primarily on the work of [ 39Kem], [64Wil], [65Obe], [65Wee], [66Mar], and [69Pre]. The present diagram exhibits good agreement with the experimental thermodynamic data. Immiscibility is observed in the liquid below a critical temperature of 1037 C. Solid solubilities in the terminal solid solutions, fcc (Al) and rhombohedral (Bi), are extremely limited. Less than 0.03 at.% Bi dissolves in Al at the monotectic temperature. The liquid terminus of the monotectic is placed at 84.0 с 0.5 at.% Bi by electrochemical studies and calorimetric work. The small melting point depression and the proximity of the eutectic composition to pure Bi suggest that the solubility of Al in Bi is virtually nil. 39Kem: L.W. Kempf, and K.R. van Horn, Trans. AIME, 133, 81-92 (1939). 64Wil: T.C. Wilder and J.F. Elliott, J. Electrochem. Soc., 111, 352-362 (1964). 65Obe: C.F. Obenchain and R.E. Balzhiser, Electrochem. Technol., 3, 221-227 ( 1965). 65Wee: J.R. Weeks, Trans. ASM, 58, 302-322 (1965). 66Mar: R. Martin-Garvin, G. Massart, P. Desre, and E. Bonnier, C.R. Acad. Sci. Paris, 262, C335-338 (1966). 69Pre: B. Predel and H. Sandig, Mater. Sci. Eng., 4, 49-57 (1969) in German. Published in Bull. Alloy Phase Diagrams, 5(3), Jun 1984. Complete evaluation contains 1 figure, 7 tables, and 20 references. Special Points of the Al-Bi System