Фазовая диаграмма системы Al-Ru

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Al-Ru (Aluminum-Ruthenium) Editor The Al-Ru diagram is based on [88Anl] for 0 to 25 at.% Ru and on [63Obr] for 25 to 100 at.% Ru. The Al12Ru compound speculated by [63Obr] was not found by [ 88Anl]. According to [88Anl], Al6Ru melts by a peritectic reaction as shown in the diagram, rather than congruently at 1300 C as reported by [63Obr]. Likewise, Al13Ru4 melts peritectically at 1403 C, rather than "Al3Ru" melting peritectoidally into Al6Ru and Al2Ru at 1200 C [63Obr]. Several different crystal structures have been reported for Al2Ru and Al3Ru2. It has not been clarified whether these compounds are polymorphic or some reports are erroneous.-H.O. 60Obr: W. Obrowski, Naturwissenschaften, 47(1), 14 (1957) in German. 63Obr: W. Obrowski, Metall, 17, 108-112 (1963) in German. 64Mag: A. Magneli, L.E. Edshammar, T. Dagerhamn, and S. Westman, Final Tech. Rep. No. 1, DA-91-591-EUC-3134 (AD451442); quoted in [Shunk]. 66Eds: L.E. Edshammar, Acta Chem. Scand., 20(2), 427-430 (1966). 88Anl: S.T. Anlage, P. Nash, R. Ramachandran, and R.B. Schwarz, J. Less-Common Met., 136, 237-247 (1988). 1