Фазовая диаграмма системы Be-Mg

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Be-Mg (Beryllium-Magnesium) A.A. Nayeb-Hashemi and J.B. Clark The equilibrium phase diagram has not been determined, but [Moffatt] showed "a schematic, not to scale" Mg-Be phase diagram. Early attempts to make Mg-Be alloys by various methods under normal pressure were unsuccessful. [37Per] found by spectroscopic analysis that at high pressures (>100 bar) and temperatures close to the melting point of Be (1289 C), 1.34 at.% Be dissolves in (Mg), although his X-ray diffraction analysis showed no solid solubility of Be in (Mg). [50Kau] reported that the solid solubility of Mg in ( aBe) is at least 0.02 at.% Mg (99.98 at.% Be). The mutual solid solubility of Al and Be is negligible [Elliott]. [61Jon] made two-phase Be-rich alloys, 91.5 to 100 at.% Be, by infiltration of Be skeletons and by powder metallurgy. [55Bak] reported that MgBe13 is the only compound in this system, which was confirmed by other investigations. [ 67Kle] noted that "there is no doubt that the sector Be-MeBe13 (where Me is alkaline earth metals) is one of the eutectic type." The details of the Be- rich eutectic reaction remain to be determined. However, in view of the decomposition of MgBe13 at ~950 C [67Kle], the system must have been investigated under pressure. 37Per: V.A. Pereslegin, Trudy Tsenir. Gosudarst. Nauch. Issledovatel Inst., USSR, 162-173 (1937); cited in [Hansen]. 50Kau: A.R. Kaufmann, P. Gordon, and D.W. Lillie, Trans. ASM, 42, 785-844 ( 1950). 55Bak: T.W. Baker and J. Williams, Acta Crystallogr., 8(8), 519 (1955). 58Ell: R.O. Elliot, E.M. Cramer, and F.H. Ellinger, U.S. Atomic Energy Comm. Rep. LA 2184 (1958). 61Jon: J.W.S. Jones and J. Williams, Powder Metall., 8, 37-41 (1961). 67Kle: W. Klemm and D. Kunze, International Symposium on Alkali Metals, London Chem. Soc., Spec. Pub. No. 22, 3 (1967). Published in Phase Diagrams of Binary Magnesium Alloys, 1988, Phase Diagrams of Binary Beryllium Alloys, 1987, and Bull. Alloy Phase Diagams, 8(1), Feb 1987. Complete evaluation contains 2 tables and 25 references. 1