Фазовая диаграмма системы C-Pu

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C-Pu (Carbon-Plutonium) Editor The Pu-C phase diagram is based primarily on [61Mul], in which PuC2 was considered a high-temperature phase stable above 1750 C. The polymorphic transformation of PuC2 at 1660 C is added to the assessed diagram according to [70Gre]. Crystal structure data are from [Pearson3].<311>H.O. 61Mul: R.N.R. Mulford, F.H. Ellinger, G.S. Hendrix, and E.D. Albrecht, Plutonium 1960, Cleaver-Hume Press, London, 301-311 (1961). 70Gre: J.L. Green and J.A. Leary, J. Appl. Phys., 41(13), 5121-5128 (1970). 1