Фазовая диаграмма системы Ca-Sn

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Ca-Sn (Calcium-Tin) Editor The Ca-Sn phase diagram is redrawn from [Hansen] and is based on the thermal and microscopic investigation of [26Hum]. The Ca used in their study was impure, and therefore, the phase diagram is considered tentative. The melting point of Ca was raised for consistency with [Melt]; the various melting and invariant temperatures were also raised by ~5 to 20 C. [66Mur] reported some solubility of Ca in Ca2Sn. The existence of Ca31Sn20 was reported by [77For].- P.R.S. 26Hum: W. Hume-Rothery, J. Inst. Met., 35, 319-335 (1926). 33Zin: E. Zintl and S. Neumayr, Z. Elektrochem., 39, 86-97 (1933) in German. 55Eck: P. Eckerlin, H.J. Meyer, and E. W”lfel, Z. Anorg. Allg. Chem., 281, 322- 328 (1955) in German. 61Eck: P. Eckerlin, E. Leicht, and E. W”lfel, Z. Anorg. Allg. Chem., 307, 145- 146 (1961) in German. 66Mur: V.G. Muradov and P.V. Gel'd, Zh. Fiz. Khim., 40, 2633-2636 (1966) in Russian. 77For: M.L. Fornasini and E. Franceschi, Acta Crystallogr. B, 33, 3476-3479 ( 1977). 1