Фазовая диаграмма системы Cd-K

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Cd-K (Cadmium-Potassium) A.D. Pelton The Cd-K system is characterized by the presence of one compound, Cd13K, with the NaZn13-type structure, which melts congruently at 487 с 5 C, and by a wide region of liquid immiscibility with a monotectic at 468 с 5 C. The limits of the miscibility gap are not well established. At 468 C, the Cd-rich limit lies somewhere in the range 13 to 30 at.% Zn, and the K-rich limit lies somewhere between 90 and 96 at.% Zn. The two eutectics are virtually coincident with the melting points of the pure elements. The assessed phase diagram is based primarily on the work of [08Smi] and [60Lan]. 08Smi: D.P. Smith, Z. Anorg. Allg. Chem., 56, 119-125 (1908) in German. 60Lan: M.F. Lantratov and E.V. Tsarenko, J. Appl. Chem. USSR, 33(5), 1107-1108 (1960). Published in Bull. Alloy Phase Diagrams, 8(6), Dec 1987. Complete evaluation contains 2 figures, 2 tables, and 9 references. 1