Фазовая диаграмма системы Ce-Nb

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Ce-Nb (Cerium-Niobium) Editor The Ce-Nb diagram is redrawn basically from [59Sav]. The L2 = L1 + (Nb) monotectic temperature in the assessed diagram is shown 50 C higher than in [59Sav], because the melting point of Nb (99%) used by [59Sav] was ~50 C lower than the presently accepted value. Addition of Nb increases the melting point of Ce by 5 to 7 C and decreases the dCe = gCe allotropic transformation temperature by 20 to 25 C [59Sav].-H.O. 59Sav: E.M. Savitskii, V.F. Terekhova, and I.V. Burov, Zh. Neorg. Khim., 4, 1462-1463 (1959) in Russian; TR: Russ. J. Inorg. Chem., 4, 658 (1959). 1