Фазовая диаграмма системы Ce-Pb

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Ce-Pb (Cerium-Lead) Editor The Ce-Pb phase diagram is redrawn from [43Vog]. Among the Ce2Pb, CePb, and CePb3 compounds shown in the diagram of [43Vog], the crystal structure was confirmed only for CePb3 [33Zin]. On the other hand, the crystal structures of Ce3Pb, Ce5Pb3, and Ce5Pb4 not shown in the diagram are well established [ Pearson3]. Therefore, a reinvestigation of this system is needed.-H.O. 33Zin: E. Zintl and S. Neumayer, Z. Elektrochem., 39, 86-97 (1933). 43Vog: R. Vogel and T. Heumann, Z. Metallkd., 35, 29-42 (1943). 1