Фазовая диаграмма системы Cl-Dy

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Cl-Dy (Chlorine-Dysprosium) Editor The Dy-Cl phase diagram is redrawn from [Moffatt], which is based on [66Cor] with a modification from DyCl2.1 to Dy5Cl11 according to [76Bar].-H.O. 54Tem: D.H. Templeton and G.F. Carter, J. Phys. Chem., 58, 940-944 (1954). 66Cor: J.D. Corbett and B.C. McCollum, Inorg. Chem., 5(5), 938-940 (1966). 76Bar: H. Barnighausen, Proc. 12th Rare Earth Res. Conf., Vail, CO, 404-413 ( 1976); quoted in [Moffatt]. 1