Фазовая диаграмма системы Co-Y

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Co-Y (Cobalt-Yttrium) C.H. Wu and Y.C. Chuang The assessed phase diagram for the Y-Co system includes nine reported intermetallic compounds. The Co-rich portion (>55 at.% Co) is drawn mainly from data reported by [65Str] and includes some features from [71Bus] and [ 74Kha]. In the region 25 to 50 at.% Co, it is based on the results of [82Gro]. [65Pel] found that the solid solubility of Y in (Co) does not exceed 0.14 at.% Y at room temperature. In addition, the melting points of Co and Y and the transformation temperature of Y have been adjusted to bring each into agreement with the accepted values ([83Nis] and [Gschneidner], respectively). [82Gro] reported the metastable phase Y3Co2 was found only in as-cast alloys. [ 75Mor] presented the crystal structure data of Y3Co2 and concluded that it was a low-temperature phase. 59Wer: J.H. Wernick and S. Geller, Acta Crystallogr., 12, 662-665 (1959). 60Bea: B.J. Beaudry, J.F. Heafling and A.H. Daane, Acta Crystallogr., 13 743- 744 (1960). 60Wer: J.H. Wernick and S. Geller, Trans. AIME, 218 866-868 (1960). 61Dwi: A.E. Dwight, Trans. ASM, 53, 479-500 (1961). 65Ost: W. Ostertag, Acta Crystallogr., 19, 150-151 (1965). 65Pel: J. Pelleg and O.N. Carlson, J. Less-Common Met., 9, 281-288 (1965). 65Smi: J.E. Smith and D.A. Hansen, Acta Crystallogr., 19, 1019-1024 (1965). 65Str: K.J. Strnat, W. Ostertag, N.J. Adams, and J.C. Olson, in Proc. 5th Rare Earth Research Conf., Ames, Iowa, Book 5, 67-76 (1965). 66Bus: K.H.J. Buschow, J. Less-Common Met., 11, 204-208 (1966). 66Vuc: J.H.N. van Vucht, J. Less-Common Met., 10, 146-147 (1966). 67Ost: W. Ostertag, J. Less-Common Met., 13, 385-390 (1967). 68Vel: W.A.J.J. Velge, and K.H.J. Buschow, J. Appl. Phys., 39, 1717-1720. 71Bus: K.H.J. Buschow, Philips Res. Rep., 26, 49-64 (1971). 73Kha: Y. Khan, Acta Crystallogr. B, 29, 2502-2507 (1973). 74Kha: Y. Khan, Z. Metallkd., 65, 489-495 (1974). 75Mor: J.M. Moreau, E. Parth‚, and D. Paccard, Acta Crystallogr. B, 31, 747- 749 (1975). 76Mor: J.M. Moreau, D. Paccard, and E. Parth‚, Acta. Crystallogr. B, 32, 496- 500 (1976). 82Gro: A.K. Grover, B.R. Coles, B.V.B. Sarkissian, and H.E.N. Stone, J. Less- Common Met., 86, 29-36 (1982). 83Nis: T. Nishizawa and K. Ishida, Bull. Alloy Phase Diagrams, 4, 387-390 ( 1983). Submitted to the APD Program. Complete evaluation contains 4 tables, 1 figure, and 24 references. Special Points of the Y-Co System