Фазовая диаграмма системы Cr-Mo

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Cr-Mo (Chromium-Molybdenum) M. Venkatraman and J.P. Neumann The Cr-Mo system is characterized by continuous solutions in the liquid and solid state and by the absence of any intermediate phases. A miscibility gap occurs below ~880 C in the solid state. Because of the low diffusion rates involved, the position of the miscibility gap is based on thermodynamic calculations. The assessed phase diagram is based on review of the work of [38Trz], [42Kub], [47Trz], [51Put], [54Blo], [64Sve], [69Rud], and [79Koc]. The uncertainties in the liquidus and solidus are approximately с20 C in the Cr-rich region, increasing to с100 C in the Mo-rich region of the phase diagram. The melting temperatures of Cr (1863 C) and Mo (2623 C) have been adjusted to IPTS-68. Within the stated uncertainties, the assessed diagram is in agreement with the diagrams of [Hansen] and [Metals]. Mo decreases the N‚el temperature of pure Cr (311.5 K) linearly to ~48 K at 20 at.% Mo. 38Trz: W. Trzebiatowski and H. Ploszek, Naturwissenschaften, 28, 462 (1938) in German. 42Kub: O. Kubaschewski and A. Schneider, Z. Electrochem., 48, 671-674 (1942) in German. 47Trz: W. Trzebiatowski, H. Ploszek, and J. Lobzowski, Anal. Chem., 19(2), 93- 95 (1947). 51Put: J.W. Putman, R.D. Potter, and N.J. Grant, Trans. ASM, 43, 824-852 (1951) . 54Blo: D.S. Bloom and N.J. Grant, Trans. AIME, 200, 261-268 (1954). 64Sve: V.N. Svechnikov and G.F. Kobzenko, Dokl. Chem., 155, 287-290 (1964). 69Rud: E. Rudy, Tech. Rep. AFML-TR-65-2, 24, 147-150 (1969). 79Koc: Yu.A. Kocherzhinskii and V.I. Vasilenko, Izv. Akad. Nauk SSSR, Met., (4) , 205-207 (1979) in Russian. Published in Bull. Alloy Phase Diagrams, 8(3), Jun 1987. Complete evaluation contains 3 figures, 2 tables, and 35 references. 1