Фазовая диаграмма системы Cu-Mo

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Cu-Mo (Copper-Molybdenum) P.R. Subramanian and D.E. Laughlin Early work indicated that Cu and Mo are insoluble in one another at all temperatures in both liquid and solid states. [32Lin] indicated negligible solubility of Mo in Cu at 900 C. [61Bas] studied Cu-Mo alloys between 2.3 and 19.7 at.% Cu and reported a solubility of 2.3 at.% Cu in Mo at 950 C. [79Dri] investigated phase relations in the ternary Cu-Nb-Mo system at 1900 and 2100 C. Their ternary isothermal sections indicated liquidus compositions of 1.91 at.% Mo and 2.50 at.% Mo at 1900 and 2100 C, respectively, for the binary Cu- Mo system. [Molybdenum] reviewed the experimental data available for the Cu-Mo system and presented an equilibrium diagram based solely on estimated thermodynamic data. In view of the lack of significant experimental data, the assessed Cu-Mo equilibrium diagram has been accepted from [Molybdenum]. The solubility data of [79Dri] at 1900 and 2100 C shown in the assessed diagram were not taken into account in the evaluation of [Molybdenum]. The estimated solubility values of [Molybdenum] are larger than the experimental data of [79Dri]. The system is characterized by very limited terminal solid solution, the eutectic reaction L1 = (Cu) + (Mo) at 1083.4 C, the monotectic reaction L2 = ( Mo) + L1 at 2515 C, and the reaction L2 + (Cu)(g) = L1 at 2585 C. In [Molybdenum], the melting point of pure Mo is reported as 2617 C from [ Hultgren,E]. In the present evaluation, however, the melting point of Mo is accepted to be 2623 C from [Melt]. 32Lin: J.O. Linde, Ann. Phys., 15, 219-248 (1932) in German. 61Bas: M.L. Baskin, A.V. Savin, V.I. Tumanov, and Y.A. Eiduk, Izv. Akad. Nauk SSSR, Otdel. Tekh. Nauk, Met., Toplivo, 4, 111-114 (1961) in Russian. 79Dri: J. Driole, C. Allibert, and E. Bonnier, Metall (Berlin), 33(5), 471-474 (1979) in German. Published in Bull. Alloy Phase Diagrams, 11(2), Apr 1990. Complete evaluation contains 1 figure, 6 tables, and 9 references. Special Points of the Cu-Mo System