Фазовая диаграмма системы Dy-Ga

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Dy-Ga (Dysprosium-Gallium) The Ga-Dy phase diagram redrawn from [Moffatt] is based on [81Pel] for Ga6Dy, on [81Cir] for three polymorphic forms of Ga3Dy, and on [79Yat] for the balance of the diagram. The crystal structure data are from [Pearson3]. 79Yat: S.P. Yatsenko, A.A. Semyannikov, B.G. Semenov, and K.A. Chuntonov, J. Less-Common Met., 64(1), 185-199 (1979). 81Cir: S. Cirafici and E. Franceschi, J. Less-Common Met., 77, 269-280 (1981). 81Pel: J. Pelleg, G. Kimmel, and D. Dayan, J. Less-Common Met., 81, 33-44 ( 1981). 1