Фазовая диаграмма системы Er-Ho

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Er-Ho (Erbium-Holmium) K.A. Gschneidner, Jr. and F.W. Calderwood The assessed Er-Ho phase diagram is based on review of the work of [73Spe], who used thermal, X-ray, and metallographic methods to study Er-Ho alloys. The liquidus/solidus line is drawn as a single line, because the thermal arrests on both the heating and cooling curves were within 1.5 C. The addition of Er to Ho increases the melting point linearly across the phase diagram. The cph structure exists for all compositions below the melting temperature, and each metal is completely soluble in the other. [79Shi] successfully calculated the Er-Ho phase diagram using the Kaufman approach. Their calculated curve was slightly above the experimentally determined liquidus/solidus curve and differed by no more than 2 C and 3 at.%. 73Spe: F.H. Spedding, B. Sandeen, and B.J. Beaudry, J. Less-Common Met., 31, 1 (1973). 79Shi: G.J. Shiflet, J.K. Lee, and H.I. Aaronson, Calphad, 3, 129 (1979). Published in Bull. Alloy Phase Diagrams, 4(3), Nov 1983. Complete evaluation contains 2 figures and 4 references. 1