Фазовая диаграмма системы Eu-Yb

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Eu-Yb (Europium-Ytterbium) Editor The equilibrium Eu-Yb phase diagram is based on [Moffatt], who showed two possibilities for the (Eu, bYb) + (aYb) boundaries: one from [70Kin] (solid lines) and the other from [79Koz] (dashed lines). The initial slopes of these boundaries at the Yb end reported by [70Kin] are consistent with the van't Hoff relationship, assuming 1750 J/mol for the heat of transformation of bYb = aYb. [70Kin] investigated the effect of pressure on the electrical conductivity of a series of alloys in the Eu-Yb system up to 80 kbar. In the composition range 0 to 40 at.% Eu, alloys had the fcc structure at 500 C; in the range 50 to 100 at.% Eu, alloys had the bcc structure. [79Leg], who made magnetization measurements on as-cast alloys containing 10 to 40 at.% Eu in Yb, reported the fcc structure. [69Kin] measured electrical resistance as a function of pressure in alloys in the Yb-rich portion of the Eu-Yb system. Addition of Eu lowered the fcc (b) = bcc (g) transformation, which occurred at 39.4 kbar for pure Yb to ~31 kbar for the Yb-30 at.% Eu alloy. Surface oxidation was pronounced in the Eu-rich alloys. -H.O. 69Kin: E. King, AERE-R5954, Atomic Energy Research Establishment, Harwell ( 1969). 70Kin: E. King and I.R. Harris, J. Less-Common Met., 20, 237 (1970). 79Koz: V.G. Kozlov, G.F. Stanolevich, and V.K. Kulifeev, Nauchn. Tr. Moskov Inst. Stali Splavov, 117, 99-101 (1979) in Russian. 79Leg: S. Legvold and J.P. Beaver, Solid State Commun., 31, 727 (1979). This supersedes the evaluation by K.A. Gschneidner, Jr. and F.W. Calderwood published in Bull. Alloy Phase Diagrams, 4(2), Sep 1983, which contains 1 table and 4 references. 1