Фазовая диаграмма системы Fe-Ge

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Fe-Ge (Iron-Germanium) E. Kato and S. Nunoue The assessed Fe-Ge phase diagram is based primarily on evaluation of the work of [67Ube], [87Eno], and [89Nun] on the Fe-rich side and on [72Mai] on the Ge- rich side. The present diagram differs significantly from the previous reviews [Hansen, Shunk, Kubaschewski] on the Fe-rich side and is similar to that of [ 72Mai]. The equilibrium phases are (1) the liquid, L; (2) the Fe-rich fcc solid solution, (gFe), based on the stable form of pure Fe between 912 and 1394 C, and where the (aFe)/(gFe) phase boundaries take the form of a g loop; (3) the Fe-rich bcc solid solution, in which the disordered A2 phase (aFe), the ordered B2 phase a2, and ordered D03 phase, a1, are formed; (4) the dimorphic intermediate phase Fe3Ge, with the high-temperature modification e (>700 C) of the hexagonal D019 structure and the low-temperature modification e› (<700 C) of the L12-type structure; (5) the intermediate phase b, with the B81-type structure; (6) the intermediate phase h, with the B82-type structure; (7) the intermediate phase Fe6Ge5; (8) the intermediate phase FeGe, which crystallizes in three polymorphs with monoclinic, hexagonal B35-type, and cubic B20-type structures; and (9) the intermediate phase FeGe2, with C16-type structure. 67Ube: E. Ubelacker, M‚m. Sci. Rev. M‚tall., 64, 183-190 (1967). 72Mai: J. Maier and E. Wachtel, Z. Metallkd., 63, 411-418 (1972). 87Eno: H. Enoki, K. Ishida, and T. Nishizawa, Metall. Trans. A, 18, 949-955 ( 1987). 89Nun: S. Nunoue and E. Kato, Metall. Trans. A, 20, 975-976 (1989). Submitted to the APD Program. Complete evaluation contains 4 figures, 2 tables, and 46 references. 1