Фазовая диаграмма системы Fe-Mo

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Fe-Mo (Iron-Molybdenum) A. Fern ndez Guillermet The Fe-Mo system is characterized by a closed g loop and a noticeable solubility range of Mo in bcc (aFe) and of Fe in (Mo). Starting from the Fe melting point, liquidus temperatures on the Fe-rich side fall to a minimum as Mo content increases. There are also four intermetallic phases in the system: s, R, m, and l. The assessed phase diagram is based on evaluation of the work of [Hansen], [Elliott], [Shunk], [Hultgren,B], [Metals], and [Molybdenum]. The first two phases appear at high temperatures as a result of the peritectic reactions, L + Mo = s and L + s = R, respectively. s and R decompose eutectoidally at temperatures at which m is stable, through s = Mo + m and R = (aFe) + m, respectively. The m phase appears at higher temperatures through the peritectoid reaction, R + s = m. The existence of the l phase, a Laves phase, has been controversial. In this assessment, its existence has been accepted. The assessed diagram was constructed by applying thermodynamic models to the individual phases and optimizing the parameters involved. Of the thermochemical information available, only the Fe activity values for L and bcc at 1823 K were used in the optimization. Published in Bull. Alloy Phase Diagrams, 3(3), Dec 1982. Complete evaluation contains 11 figures, 5 tables, and 40 references. 1