Фазовая диаграмма системы Fe-Na

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Fe-Na (Iron-Sodium) J. Sangster and C.W. Bale The Fe-Na system is virtually immiscible in the solid and liquid states. In the assessed diagram, it is assumed that the solid solubility of Na in (Fe) is negligible. The solubility limits of Fe in liquid Na in the assessed diagram are taken from [82Kub] and [83Awa], but these values are only approximate. Because the melting points of Fe and Na differ by more than 1400 C, little solubility of Na in (Fe) would be expected at normal pressures. The presence of impurities (most critically O) increases the apparent solubility of Fe in (Na). Of those investigations that monitored the O content of the Na used, most [53Bog, 55Bau, 68Sin1, 68Sin2, 80Sta] found that the measured solubility increased monotonically with impurity content, although [ 82Tho] did not find a consistent behavior. No Fe-Na compounds have been reported. This is consistent with calculated standard enthalpies of formation [83Nie] of FexNa1-x alloys (x = 0.17 to 0.83), which were found to be positive throughout. 53Bog: A.D. Bogard, U.S. At. Energy Comm. Rep. NRL-4131 (PB-111180) (1953). 55Bau: R.A. Baus, A.D. Bogard, J.A. Grand, L.B. Lockhart, R.R. Miller, and D.D. Williams, Proc. Int. Conf. Peaceful Uses At. Energy, 9, 356-363 (1955). 68Sin1: R.M. Singer and J.R. Weeks, U.S. At. Energy Comm. Rep. BNL-13079 (1968) . 68Sin2: R.M. Singer, A.H. Fleitman, J.R. Weeks, and H.S. Isaacs, U.S. At. Energy Comm. Rep. BNL-14225 (1968). 80Sta: W.P. Stanaway and R. Thompson, Proc. 2nd Int. Conf. Liq. Met. Tech: Energy Prod. (CONF-800401-P2), 18-54 (1980). 82Kub: O. Kubaschewski, Iron Binary Phase Diagrams, Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 4 (1982). 82Tho: A.W. Thorley, Material Behavior and Physical Chemistry in Liquid Metal Systems, H.U. Borgstedt, Ed., Plenum Press, New York, 19-36 (1982). 83Awa: S.P. Awasthi and H.U. Borgstedt, J. Nucl. Mater., 116(1), 103-111 (1983) . 83Nie: A.K. Niessen, F.R. de Boer, R. Boom, P.F. de Chѓtel, and W.C.M. Mattens, Calphad, 1(1), 51-70 (1983). Submitted to the APD Program. Complete evaluation contains 2 figures, 3 tables, and 22 references. 1