Фазовая диаграмма системы Gd-Mo

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Gd-Mo (Gadolinium-Molybdenum) L. Brewer and R.H. Lamoreaux The assessed phase diagram for the Mo-Gd system is based on review of the work of [62Sav] and [66Chu] and was obtained by thermodynamic modeling of estimated thermodynamic data. [62Sav] reported the solubility of Gd in (Mo) to be less than 0.1 wt.% at an unspecified temperature. [66Chu] reported that the (Mo) solidus increases from 0.09 wt.% Gd at 2570 C to 1.53 wt.% at 2510 C and then decreases to 0.15 wt.% at 1600 C. Addition of Mo lowers the melting point of Gd by about 14 C. Metallographic examinations of samples with up to 24 wt.% Mo, which had been melted, indicated that immiscible liquid phases had formed, with a monotectic composition around 14.5 wt.%. The monotectic temperature was fixed between 2457 and 2470 C. 62Sav: M. Savitskij, V.V. Baron, and T.T. Tso, Izv. Akad. Nauk SSSR, Otd. Tekh. Nauk, Met. Toplivo, 1, 156-159 (1962). 66Chu: Y.-C. Chuang, C.-W. Li, H.-L. Chuang, and L.-M. Kao, Acta Metall. Sin. ( China), 9, 110-112 (1966) in Chinese. Published in Bull. Alloy Phase Diagrams, 1(2), Dec 1980. Complete evaluation contains 1 figure and 3 references. 1