Фазовая диаграмма системы Gd-Pd

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Gd-Pd (Gadolinium-Palladium) Editor The Gd-Pd phase diagram is redrawn from [73Loe] with changes from Gd5Pd2 to Gd7Pd3 [73Mor] and Gd4Pd5 to Gd3Pd4 [74Pal], and addition of GdPd7 according to [88Sak]. Other crystal structure data are from [73Loe] for Gd3Pd2, [75Pal] for GdPd, and [60Dwi] for GdPd3.<311>H.O. 60Dwi: A.E. Dwight, USAEC, ANL-6330, 158-162 (1960); quoted in [Elliott]. 73Loe: O. Loebisch, Jr. and E. Raub, J. Less-Common Met., 30, 47 (1973). 73Mor: J.M. Moreau and E. Parthe, J. Less-Common Met., 32(1), 91-96 (1973). 74Pal: A. Palenzona and A. Iandelli, J. Less-Common Met., 34(1), 121-130 (1974) . 75Pal: A. Palenzona and S. Cirafici, Thermochim. Acta, 12(3), 267-275 (1975). 88Sak: Y. Sakamoto, K. Takao, M. Yoshiba, and T.B. Flanagan, J. Less-Common Met., 143, 207-218 (1988). 1