Фазовая диаграмма системы Hg-Th

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Hg-Th (Mercury-Thorium) The Hg-Th phase diagram is redrawn from [58Dom], with a modification of the solubility of Th in liquid Hg based on [60Mes]. However, further modification may be needed, because Hg2Th is not included in the phase diagram. The crystal structure data are from [Pearson3]. 58Dom: R.F. Domagala, R.P. Elliott, and W. Rostoker, Trans. AIME, 212, 393-395 (1958). 60Mes: A.F. Messing and O.C. Dean, USAEC, OENL-2871, 21 p (1960); quoted in [ Elliott]. 1