Фазовая диаграмма системы In-Rb

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In-Rb (Indium-Rubidium) A.D. Pelton and S. Larose The assessed phase diagram for the In-Rb system is based mainly on the work of [74Yat], with review of the data of [70Thu]. [74Yat] reported a region of liquid immiscibility extending from approximately 45 to >90 at.% Rb at 522 C. It is not evident from their data if the compound In5Rb4 melts congruently or syntectically. In the assessed diagram, syntectic melting has been tentatively shown. [70Thu] show only two compounds, In4Rb and In8Rb5 (38.5 at.% Rb). The compound In4Rb has been identified in single crystal X-ray studies [69Bru]; hence this stoichiometry is shown in the assessed diagram rather than the stoichiometry In3Rb. Furthermore, X-ray powder studies and molar volume measurements of [70Thu] support the stoichiometry In4Rb over In3Rb for this compound. The stoichiometry of the next compound is shown as In3Rb2 (40 at.% Rb) rather than In8Rb5 (38.5 at.% Rb) because the compound In3Cs2 has been shown by single crystal X-ray studies to exist in the In-Cs system [85Yat]. The stoichiometry of In3Rb2 requires verification, however. In5Rb4 (or In11Rb9) proposed by [74Yat] is shown with a question mark at 44.4 at.% Rb in the assessed diagram. No verification of its stoichiometry has been made. [70Thu] do not show this compound in their diagram because they observed only two invariant reactions. In the assessed In-K and In-Cs systems, only two intermetallic compounds are shown. No compound with a composition near 45 at.% alkali has been reported in any In- or Ga-alkali system. Hence, the existence of In5Rb4 requires verification. 69Bru: G. Bruzzone, Acta Crystallogr. B, 25, 1206-1207 (1969). 70Thu: R. ThЃmmel and W. Klemm, Z. Anorg. Allg. Chem., 376, 44-63 (1970). 74Yat: S.P. Yatsenko, K.A. Chuntonov, V.D. Bushmanov, and V.N. Dieva, Struktura Faz. Fazovye Prevrascheniya i Diagramma Sostoyaniya Metallicheskikh Sistem, Nauka, Moscow, 198-201 (1974). 85Yat: S.P. Yatsenko, K.A. Tschuntonow, A.N. Orlow, Ya.P. Yarmolyuk, and Yu.N. Hryn, J. Less-Common Met., 108, 339-343 (1985) in German. Submitted to the APD Program. Complete evaluation contains 1 figure, 3 tables, and 6 references. Special Points of the In-Rb System