Фазовая диаграмма системы Ir-Zr

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Ir-Zr (Iridium-Zirconium) H. Okamoto The assessed phase diagram for the Ir-Zr system is based primarily on [80Ere], with review of the data of [74Kup] and [78Ere]. The maximum solubility of Zr in (Ir) is more than 5 at.% at 2120 C [80Ere]. About 5 at.% Ir was dissolved in (bZr) at 1240 C [80Ere]. 59Dwi: A.E. Dwight and P.A. Beck, Trans. Metall. Soc. AIME, 215(12), 976-979 ( 1959). 61Dwi: A.E. Dwight, Trans. ASM, 53, 479-500 (1961). 61Mat: B.T. Matthias, V.B. Compton, and E. Corenzwit, Phys. Chem. Solids, 19(1- 2), 130-133 (1961). 64Ram: A. Raman and K. Schubert, Z. Metallkd., 55(11) 704-710 (1964) in German. 64Sch: K. Schubert, A. Raman, and W. Rossteutscher, Naturwissenschaften, 51(21) , 506-507 (1964) in German. 67Bis: T.K. Biswas and K. Schubert, Z. Metallkd., 58(8), 558-559 (1967) in German. 71Mcc: S.L. McCarthy, J. Low Temp. Phys., 4(5), 489 (1971). 74Kup: V.V. Kuprina and G.I. Kuryachava, Vestn. MGU, Khim., (3), 371 (1974) in Russian; TR: Mosc. Univ. Chem. Bull., 29, 88 (1974). 78Ere: V.N. Eremenko, E.L. Semenova, T.D. Shtepa, and Yu.V. Kudryavtsev, Dop. Akad. Nauk. Ukr. SSR, A: Fiz. Mat. Tekh., (10), 943-945 (1978) in Ukrainian. 80Ere: V.N. Eremenko, E.L. Semenova, and T.D. Shtepa, Izv. Akad. Nauk. SSSR, Met., (5), 237-241 (1980) in Russian; TR: Russ. Metall., (5), 210-213 (1980). 85Cen: K. Cenzual and E. Parthe, Acta Crystallogr. C, 41(6), 820-823 (1985). Submitted to the APD Program. Complete evaluation contains 1 figure, 3 tables, and 17 references. Special Points of the Ir-Zr System