Фазовая диаграмма системы Mn-O

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Mn-O (Manganese-Oxygen) Editor The Mn-O phase diagram at 0.21 bar O2 pressure is primarily based on [76Tro]. The L1 + MnO two-phase field between the melting point of dMn and 1600 C was redetermined by [88Che]. The Mn-O diagram is strongly pressure dependent [ 76Tro].--H.O. 26Ami: G. Aminoff, Z. Kristallogr., 64, 475-490 (1926) in German. 46Jay: A.H. Jay and K.W. Andrews, J. Iron Steel Inst., 152, 15 (1946). 76Tro: G. Tromel, W. Fix, K. Koch, and F. Schaberg, Erzmetall, 29(5), 234 ( 1976) in German. 88Che: Q.Y. Chen, Acta Metall. Sin. B, 24(6), 440-442 (1988) in Chinese. 1