Фазовая диаграмма системы Mo-Pb

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Mo-Pb (Molybdenum-Lead) Editor The solubility of Mo in liquid Pb is reported to be <10-4 at.% Mo at 870 C and 1010 C [51Par], and <0.011 at.% Mo at 1206 C [58Ald]. [Molybdenum] calculated the Mo-Pb phase diagram based on estimated thermodynamic data. The melting point of Mo has been adjusted for consistency with [Melt]. -P.R.S. 51Par: R. Parkman and O.C. Shepard, Rep. ORO-45, U.S. Atomic Energy Commission, 1-33 (1951). 58Ald: T. Alden, D.A. Stevenson, and J. Wulff, Trans. AIME, 212, 15-17 (1958). 1