Фазовая диаграмма системы Ni-Pu

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Ni-Pu (Nickel-Plutonium) D.E. Peterson The assessed Pu-Ni phase diagram is based on the work of [51Wen], with review of the data of [55Kon]. The system has six intermetallic compounds (five of which form by peritectic reactions) and two eutectics close to the pure elements. [61Ell] found that (ePu) will dissolve a maximum of 4.3 at.% Ni at 450 C, with the solid solution decomposing eutectoidally into (dPu) and PuNi at 1.5 to 2 at.% Ni and 412 to 415 C [51Wen, 55Kon, 61Ell]. The solubility of Ni in the other Pu allotropes is very small [51Wen, 61Ell]. The maximum Pu solubility in (Ni) was reported by [51Wen] to be about 1.8 at.% Pu at 1210 C. 51Wen: G.W. Wensch and D.D. Whyte, Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory, Rep. LA- 1304 (Mar 1951). 55Cof: A.S. Coffinberry and F.H. Ellinger, Proc. U.N. Int. Conf. Peaceful Uses At. Energy, Geneva, Vol. 9, 138-146 (1955). 55Kon: S.T. Konobeevsky, Conference of the Academy of Sciences of the USSR on the Peaceful Uses At. Energy, Division of Chemical Science, 362-376 (July 1955) . 56Ell: F.H. Ellinger, J. Metall. Soc. AIME, 206, 1256-1259 (1959). 56Run: O.J.C. Runnalls, Can. J. Chem., 34, 133-145 (1956). 59Cro: D.T. Cromer and C.E. Olsen, Acta Crystallogr., 12, 689-694 (1959). 60Cro: D.T. Cromer and A.C. Larson, Acta Crystallogr., 13, 909-912 (1960). 61Ell: R.O. Elliott and A.C. Larson, The Metal Plutonium, A.S. Coffinberry and W.N. Miner, Ed., The University of Chicago Press, Chicago 265-280 (1961). 61Poo: D.M. Poole, M.G. Bale, P.G. Mardon, J.A.C. Marples, and J.L. Nichols, Plutonium 1960, E. Grison, W.B.H. Lord, and R.D. Fowler, Ed., Cleaver-Hume Press, London, 267-280 (1961). 68Ble: J.J. Blechet, A. Van Craeynest, and D. Calais, J. Nucl. Mater., 28, 177- 184 (1968). Published in Phase Diagrams of Binary Nickel Alloys, 1991 and Bull. Alloy Phase diagrams, 9(4), Aug 1988. Complete evaluation contains 2 figures, 3 tables, and 14 references. Special Points of the Pu-Ni System