Фазовая диаграмма системы Ni-S

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Ni-S (Nickel-Sulfur) M. Singleton, P. Nash, and K.J. Lee The assessed Ni-S phase diagram is based on the experimental data of [54Ros], [ 70Nag], [75Mey], [75Rau], and [79Lar] (as collated by [80Sha]); [62Kul], [ 69Kir], [70Bri], [75Rau], [78Lin], and [80Lar]; the calculated phase diagrams of [78Bys] and [78Sch]; and the evaluations of [Hansen], [Elliott], and [Metals]. The solid solubility of Ni in (S) is immeasurably low. The solid solubility of S in (Ni) is negligible on the scale of the assessed diagram. Measurements of grain boundary segregation of S in (Ni) indicate a solubility limit of about 35 ppm S at 600 C [83Mul]. Observations of embrittlements in Ni containing 9 ppm by weight of S cold worked and annealed at 450 and 600 C suggest that the solubility limit is below 9 ppm at these temperatures [61Ols], in agreement with [70Bri]. The nature of the Ni-S equilibrium phase diagram is largely dependent on the number and type of intermediate phases assumed to exist. Consequently, controversy regarding the various phases has caused inconsistency among evaluated diagrams in the literature. 47Lun: D. Lundqvist, Ark. Kem. Min. Geol., 24A, 1-12 (1947); from [Hansen]. 54Ros: R. Rosenqvist, J. Iron Steel Inst., 37-57 (1954). 56Laf: M. Leffitte and J. Bernard, C.R. Hebd. S‚ances Acad. Sci., 242, 518-521 (1956) in French. 61Kuz: V.G. Kuznetsov, Vopr. Met. Fiz, Poluprov., Akad. Nauk SSSR, Tr. 4-90 ( Chetvertogo) Soveshch, Moscow, 159-173 (1961); cited in [Hansen]. 61Ols: K.M. Olsen, C.F. Larkin, and P.H. Schmitt, Trans. ASM, 53, 349-358 ( 1961). 62Kul: G. Kullerud and R.A. Yund, J. Petrol, 3, 126-175 (1962). 69Kir: J.S. Kirkaldy, Scr. Metall., 3, 947-948 (1969). 70Bri: R.J. Brigham, H. Neumayer, and J.S. Kirkaldy, Can. Metall. Q., 9(4), 525-529 (1970). 70Nag: M. Nagamori and T.R. Ingraham, Metall. Trans., 1, 1821-1825 (1970). 75Mey: G.A. Meyer, J.S. Warner, Y.K. Rao, and H.H. Kellogg, Metall. Trans. B, 6, 229-235 (1975). 75Rau: H. Rau, J. Phys. Chem. Solids, 36, 1199-1204 (1975). 78Bys: V.P. Bystrov, V.A. Snurnikova, I.S. Babashov, L.S. Kovalenko, and A.V. Vanyukov, Izv. V.U.Z. Tsvetn. Metall., (2), 26-31 (1978). 78Lin: R.Y. Lin, D.C. Hu, and Y.A. Chang, Metall. Trans. B, 9, 531-538 (1978). 78Sch: R.A. Schiffman and A.R. Miller, High Temp. Sci., 10, 17-26 (1978). 79Lar: J.M. Larrain, Calphad, 3(2), 139-157 (1979). 80Lar: J.M. Larrain and S.L. Lee, Can. Metall. Q., 19, 183-190 (1980). 80Sha: R.C. Sharma and Y.A. Chang, Metall. Trans. B., 11, 139-146 (1980). 83Mul: R.A. Mulford, Metall. Trans. A., 14, 865-870 (1983). Published in Phase Diagrams of Binary Nickel Alloys, 1991. Complete evaluation contains 2 figures, 7 tables, and 34 references. Special Points of the Ni-S System