Фазовая диаграмма системы Pb-Yb

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Pb-Yb (Lead-Ytterbium) A. Palenzona and S. Cirafici The assessed phase diagram for the Pb-Yb system is based on [67Mcm], with minor modifications made in the melting and transformation temperatures for Pb and Yb to agree with the accepted values. The equilibrium phases include (1) the liquid, L; (2) four intermediate phases, Pb3Yb, PbYb, Pb3Yb3, and PbYb2; and (3) three terminal solid solutions, (Pb), (gYb), and (bYb). The solubility of Pb in (Yb) is negligible and can be fixed at 0.18 at.% Pb. The solubility of Yb in (Pb) is estimated to be > 0.15 at.% Yb. 64Kuz: Yu.B. Kuzma, R.V. Skolozdra, and V.Ya. Markiv, Akad. Nauk. Ukr. RSR, 8, 1070-1072 (1964) in Russian. 66Pal: A. Palenzona, J. Less-Common Met., 10, 290-292 (1966). 67Mcm: O.D. McMasters and K.A. Gschneider, Jr., Trans. AIME, 239, 781-785 ( 1967). 74Per: A. Percheron-Guegan, J.C. Achard, O. Gorochov, F. Gonzalez-Jimenez, and P. Imbert, J. Less-Common Met., 37, 1-8 (1974) in French. 76Bru: G. Bruzzone and F. Merlo, J. Less-Common Met., 48, 103-109 (1976). Submitted to the APD Program. Complete evaluation contains 2 figures, 4 tables, and 9 references. Special Points of the Pb-Yb System