Фазовая диаграмма системы Pb-Zr

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Pb-Zr (Lead-Zirconium) Editor The Pb-Zr phase diagram is based on [63Bad] for the peritectoid transformation of (Zr) and the solubility of Pb in (bZr) and (aZr), and on [63Sca] for the Pb3Zr5-PbZr5 eutectic point. The crystal structure of Pb3Zr5 was determined by [53Now]. The identification of PbZr5 is tentative.-H.O. 53Now: H. Nowotny and H. Schachner, Monatsch. Chem., 84, 169-180 (1953). 63Bad: T.A. Badaeva and L.I. Rybakova, Stroenie Svoistva Splavov Urana, Toriya, Tsirkoniya, O.S. Ivanov, Ed., 303-308 (1963); TR: USAEC, AEC-tr-6367, 4 p (1964); quoted in [Shunk]. 63Sca: J.O. Scarborough and J.O. Batterton, Jr., USAEC, ORNL-3470, 26 (1963); quoted in [Shunk]. 1