Фазовая диаграмма системы Pt-Zr

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Pt-Zr (Platinum-Zirconium) Editor The Pt-Zr phase diagram is redrawn from [70Dar], with modifications in the compositions of compounds based on the crystal structure data given in [ Pearson3]. Two crystal structures have been reported for Pt3Zr-Ni3Ti type [ 43Wal] and AuCu3 type [68Sch] (for Pt3+Zr). The crystal structure of Pt11Zr9 was reported, but the reaction for its formation is unknown.-H.O. 43Wal: H.J. Wallbaum, Naturwissenschaften, 31, 91-92 (1943). 68Sch: K. Schubert, S. Bhan, T.K. Biswas, K. Frank, and P.K. Pandy, Naturwissenschaften, 55, 704-705 (1968). 70Dar: A.S. Darling, G.L. Selman, and R. Rushforth, Platinum Met. Rev., 14, 124-130 (1970). 1