Фазовая диаграмма системы Re-Zr

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Re-Zr (Rhenium-Zirconium) Editor In the original Re-Zr phase diagram reported by [59Sav] (see [Elliott]), Re2Zr melts peritectically at 2450 C. [Zirconium] modified the diagram to incorporate the congruent melting of Re2Zr at 2750 C. [Moffatt] further revised the phase diagram of [Zirconium], including the ReZr2 liquidus reported by [79Gar]. -H.O. 42Wal: H.J. Wallbaum, Naturwissenschaften, 30, 149 (1942) in German. 59Sav: E.M. Savitskii, M.A. Tylkina, and I.A. Tsyganova, At. Energy, 7, 231- 234 (1959) in Russian; TR: Sov. J. At. Energy, 7, 724-727 (1961). 79Gar: S.P. Garg and R.J. Ackermann, Scr. Metall., 13(7), 611-613 (1979); Errata: Scr. Metall., 13(9), 911 (1979). 1