Фазовая диаграмма системы Ru-Tm

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Ru-Tm (Ruthenium-Thulium) Editor The Ru-Tm phase diagram was drawn by [Moffatt] on the basis of known Ru-Tm compounds reported in [89Bla], which quoted [84Sha], and on the presumed similarity to other Ru-RE systems. The existence of CsCl-type "RuTm" reported by [63Dwi] was not confirmed by [84Sha].--H.O. 62Dwi: A.E. Dwight, and J.B. Darby, Jr., USAEC, ANL-6677, 258-260 (1962); quoted in [Shunk]. 63Dwi: A.E. Dwight, USAEC, ANL-6868, 303-305 (1963); quoted in [Shunk]. 79Pal: A. Palenzona, J. Less-Common Met., 66(2), P27-P33 (1979). 84Sha: P. Sharifrazi, R.C. Mohanty, and A. Raman, Z. Metallkd., 75(10), 801- 805 (1984). 89Bla: Z. Blazina, R.C. Mohanty, and A. Raman, Z. Metallkd., 80(3), 192-196 ( 1989). 1