Фазовая диаграмма системы Sb-Tb

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Sb-Tb (Antimony-Terbium) Editor The Sb-Tb phase diagram is redrawn from [81Abd] and includes Sb2Tb reported later by [88Abd]. Formation of Sb2Tb is easily suppressed in ordinary cooling curve measurements.--H.O. 60Bri: L.H. Brixner, J. Inorg. Nucl. Chem., 15, 199-201 (1960). 67Gam: R.J. Gambino, J. Less-Common Met., 12, 344-352 (1967). 68Rie: W. Rieger and E. Parthe, Acta Crystallogr., 24, 456 (1968). 69Eat: N.L. Eatough and H.T. Hall, Inorg. Chem., 8(7), 1439-1445 (1969). 81Abd: M.N. Abdusalyamova, O.R. Burnashev, and K.E. Mironov, J. Less-Common Met., 77, 81-88 (1981). 88Abd: M.N. Abdusalyamova, O.R. Burnashev, K.E. Mironov, O.I. Rakhmatov, and N. D. Fazlyeva, Izv. Akad. Nauk SSSR, Neorg. Mater., 24(3), 495-498 (1988) in Russian; TR: Inorg. Mater., 24(3), 409-411 (1988). 1