Фазовая диаграмма системы Sn-Yb

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Sn-Yb (Tin-Ytterbium) A. Palenzona and S. Cirafici The assessed phase diagram for the Sn-Yb system is based on [76Pal]. As the purity of the starting Yb was not very high, the configuration of the Yb terminal side of the diagram remains uncertain. In the assessed diagram, taking into account the differences detected between experimental and accepted characteristic temperatures, the melting point and eutectic reaction have been adjusted by 4 C and the transformation has been adjusted by 25 C. A careful investigation of this portion of the diagram is needed. Some investigations have been published concerning magnetic properties of Sn3Yb because of its interest as an intermediate valance compound. All the susceptibility results on Sn3Yb by [73Sta], [74Per], [77Kla], and [81Kla] can be considered in good agreement after correction for the Yb2O3 impurity contribution. 65Har: I.R. Harris and G.V. Raynor, J. Less-Common Met., 9, 7-19 (1965). 73Per: A. Percheron-Guegan, J-C. Achard, A. Bacha, C. Chatillon, J-C. Mathieu, Proc. Tenth Rare Earth Research Conf., Carefree, Arizona, Vol. 2, C.J. Kevane and T. Moeller, Ed., 1046-1051 (1973) in French. 73Sta: B. Stalinsky, A. Chopnik, N. Il'ev, and T. Mydlyash, Proc. I.C.M. Moscow, 5, 121-122 (1973) in Russian. 74Per: A. Percheron-Guegan, J-C. Achard, G. Gorochov, F. Gonzalez-Jiminez, and P. Imbert, J. Less-Common Met., 37, 1-8 (1974) in French. 76Pal: A. Palenzona and S. Cirafici, J. Less-Common Met., 46, 321-326 (1976). 77Kla: J.C.P. Klaasse, Thesis, Univ. of Amsterdam (1977). 81Kla: J.C.P. Klaasse, F.R. de Boer, and P.F. de Chѓtel, Physica, 106B, 178- 194 (1981). Submitted to the APD Program. Complete evaluation contains 1 figure, 4 tables, and 11 references.