Фазовая диаграмма системы Ta-Zr

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Ta-Zr (Tantalum-Zirconium) R. Krishnan, S.P. Garg, S. Banerjee, and N. Krishnamurthy The assessed phase diagram for the Zr-Ta system is based on [62Wil], [63Pea], [ 65Har], and [69Rud]. There is only a slight solid solubility of Ta in (aZr). The solidus of the assessed diagram was constructed from the data of [62Wil] up to 40 at.% Ta and from the averaged values of [63Pea], [65Har], and [69Rud] for the remaining part. The liquidus was constructed from the data of [62Wil], [65Har], and [69Rud]. 62Wil: D.E. Williams, R.J. Jackson, and W.L. Larsen, Trans. AIME, 224, 751 ( 1962). 63Pea: L.F. Pease, and J.H. Brophy, Trans. AIME, 227, 1245 (1963). 65Har: D.P. Harson, and C.E. Brukl, USAF Report AFML-TR-65-2, 3(2) (Jan 1966); cited in [69Rud]. 69Rud: E. Rudy, AFML-TR-65-2, Part V, Air Force Materials Laboratory, Metals and Ceramics Division, Wright-Patterson AFB, OH (1969). Published in J. Alloy Phase Diagrams, 5(2), May 1989. Complete evaluation contains 3 figures, 3 tables, and 8 references.