Фазовая диаграмма системы Al-C

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Al-C (Aluminum-Carbon) Editor The Al-C phase diagram is redrawn from [86Bar]. The peritectic melting point of Al4C3 may need confirmation, because it has been reported at 1850 C [65Gin] or 2350 с150 C (dissociation temperature) [58Fos]. [65Gin] proposed a similar phase diagram but included AlC between ~2050 and 1700 C in addition to Al4C3 existing below 1850 C. Because AlC has not been confirmed since then as an equilibrium phase, the diagram of [86Bar] is more likely. The solubility of C (0.22 to 0.71 at.%) in liquid Al (800 to 1200 C) reported by [64Obi] is probably one order of magnitude too high according to seven references quoted in [76Mon]. The solubility of C in solid Al (0.04 to 0.08 at.%) [37Gra] is also about one order of magnitude too high [76Mon]. The crystal structure of Al4C3 was determined by [34Sta].<311>H.O. 34Sta: M.v. Stackelberg and E. Schnorrenberg, Z. Phys. Chem. B, 27, 37-49 ( 1934). 37Gra: B. Grashchenko, V. V. Darovskii, and Khandzhyan, Tr. Vses. Alyumin. Magnievyi. Inst., (16), 90 (1937); quoted in [Elliott]. 57Fos: L.M. Foster, G. Long, and H.C. Stumpt, Am. Mineral., 43, 285-296 (1957). 64Obi: I. Obinata and N. Komatsu, Keikinzoku, 14, 226-230 (1964). 65Gin: H. Ginsberg and V. Sparwald, Aluminium, 41, 181-193 (1965). 76Mon: L.F. Mondolfo, Aluminum Alloys: Structure and Properties, Butterworths, London, Boston, MA, 231-238 (1976). 86Bar: O.M. Barabash and Yu.N. Koval, Crystal Structure of Metals and Alloys, Naukova Dumka, Kiev, 156, 158 (1986). 1