Фазовая диаграмма системы C-Ru

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C-Ru (Carbon-Ruthenium) Editor The C-Ru phase diagram is redrawn from [86Bar]. The solubility, C, of C in (Ru) is given by log C (at.%) = 1.02 <310> 4438/T (K) for the temperature range 800 to 1250 C [78Fro].<311>H.O. 78Fro: E. Fromm and T.E. Gebhardt, Gasses and Carbon in Metals, Metallurgiya, Moscow, 712 p (1978) in Russian. 86Bar: O.M. Barabash and Yu.N. Koval, Crystal Structures of Metals and Alloys, 209-210 (1986) in Russian. 1