Фазовая диаграмма системы Cd-Sn

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Cd-Sn (Cadmium-Tin) J. Dutkiewicz, L. Zabdyr, Z. Moser, and J. Salawa The assessed phase diagram for the Cd-Sn system is based on review of the experimental data [30Sto, 35Han, 38Han, 39Hom, 64Kul, 82Eva]. The equilibrium phases are the liquid, L; two solid solution phases, (Cd) and (Sn); and the Sn- rich intermediate phase b. Three invariant reactions (a eutectic, a eutectoid, and a peritectic) occur in the assessed diagram. The maximum solubility of Sn in (Cd) is 0.24 at.% Sn at 176 C and metallographic analysis results of [38Han], [58Bra], and [35Sto] show a very good agreement. The solid solubility of 0.63 at.% Cd in (Sn) at 223 C [39Hom, 82Eva] increases with decreasing temperature to 1.16 at.% Cd at 176 C and does not change with further lowering of temperature [38Han, 58Bra]. Splat quenching experiments [66Kan, 68Sri] indicate formation of two kinds of metastable phases-an AlCu-type fcc structure in the range 10 to 25 at.% Sn and a hexagonal w phase in the range 55 to 85 at.% Sn. All metastable phases obtained at -190 C disappeared on heating to 20 C. [80Cla] reported that the eutectoid temperature rises smoothly with increasing pressure up to 200 C at 3 GPa. The eutectic temperature reaches 290.0 C at 3.8 GPa, where a triple point is encountered. With increasing pressure, the difference between the peritectic temperature and the liquidus increases from 4 to 10 C. 30Sto: D. Stockdale, J. Inst. Met., 43, 193-216 (1930). 35Han: D. Hanson and W.T Pell-Walpole, J. Inst. Met., 56, 165-182 (1935). 38Han: D. Hanson and W.T. Pell-Walpole, J. Inst. Met., 59, 281-300 (1938). 39Hom: C.E. Homer and H. Plummer, J. Inst. Met., 64, 169-200 (1939). 54Ray: G.V. Raynor and J.A. Lee, Acta Metall., 2, 616-620 (1954). 58Bra: J. Bray, J. Inst. Met., 87, 49-54 (1958-59). 63Rid: N. Ridley, J. Inst. Met., 92, 123-124 (1963-64). 64Kul: S.D. Kulkarni, P.R. Khangaonkar, and G.K. Ogale, Trans. Indian Inst. Met., 17, 75-80 (1964). 66Kan: R.H. Kane, B.C. Giessen, and N.J. Grant, Acta Metall., 14, 605-609 ( 1966). 68Sri: P.K. Srivastava, B.C. Geissen, and N.J. Grant, Acta Metall., 16, 1199- 1208 (1968). 80Cla: J.B. Clark and P.W. Richter, High-Pressure Science Technology, B. Vodar and P. Marteau, Ed., Pergamon Press, Oxford, UK, 363-371 (1980). 82Eva: D.S. Evans and A. Prince, Thermochim. Acta, 58, 199-209 (1982). Published in Bull. Alloy Phase Diagrams, 10(3), Jun 1989. Complete evaluation contains 4 figures, 5 tables, and 48 references. 1