Фазовая диаграмма системы Cr-Er

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Cr-Er (Chromium-Erbium) Editor The Cr-Er phase diagram is redrawn from [Moffatt]. The original information was given by [75Sve] regarding the monotectic and eutectic points and solubility of Er in Cr (0.18 at.% at 1700 C, 0.08 at.% at 1600 C). Solubility of Cr in Er is <0.6 at.% [64Cop].-H.O. 64Cop: M. Copeland and H. Kato, Physics and Material Problems of Reactor Control Rods, Intern. At. Energy Agency, Vienna, 295-317 (1964); quoted in [ Shunk]. 75Sve: V.N. Svechnikov, G.F. Kobzenko, and V.G. Ivanchenko, Metallofizika, 59, 77-83 (1975) in Russian. 1