Фазовая диаграмма системы Ga-Pt

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Ga-Pt (Gallium-Platinum) Editor The Ga-Pt phase diagram was proposed by [76Gue] and was modified by [87Oya] for the range of a- and bGaPt3.-H.O. 37Zin: E. Zintl, A. Harder, and W. Haucke, Z. Phys. Chem. B, 35, 354-362 (1937) in German. 47Hel: E. Hellner and F. Laves, Z. Naturforsch. A, 2, 177-183 (1947) in German. 59Sch: K. Schubert, H.L. Lukas, H.G. Meissner, and S. Bhan, Z. Metallkd., 50, 534-540 (1959) in German. 60Bha: S. Bhan and K. Schubert, Z. Metallkd., 51, 327-339 (1960) in German. 68Jai: K.S. Jain and S. Bhan, Trans. Indian Inst. Met., 21, 41 (1968). 75Cha: T. Chattopadhyay and K. Schubert, J. Less-Common Met., 41(1), 19-32 ( 1975). 76Gue: P. Guex and P. Feschotte, J. Less-Common Met., 46, 101-116 (1976) in French. 87Oya: Y. Oya, Y. Mishima, and T. Suzuki, Z. Metallkd., 78(7), 485-490 (1987). 1