Фазовая диаграмма системы Hg-U

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Hg-U (Mercury-Uranium) Editor The Hg-U phase diagram at 1 atm pressure is redrawn from [79Lee] with a minor modification: Hg4U reported by [49Run] is actually Hg45U11 [79Mer]. The crystal structure of Hg3U is probably the Ni3Sn type by an analogy to Hg3La [ 90Gum]. A phase diagram under constrained vapor condition is also given in [ 79Lee].-H.O. 49Run: R.E. Rundle and A.S. Wilson, Acta Crystallogr., 3, 148-150 (1949). 79Lee: T.S. Lee, P. Chiotti, and J.T. Mason, J. Less-Common Met., 66, 33-40 ( 1979). 79Mer: F. Merlo and M.L. Fornasini, J. Less-Common Met., 64, 221-231 (1979). 90Gum: C. Guminski, private communication (1990). 1