Фазовая диаграмма системы Ho-Sb

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Ho-Sb (Holmium-Antimony) Editor The Ho-Sb phase diagram determined by [84Abd] using differential thermal analysis has been redrawn. The allotropic transformation of Ho observed at 1425 C by [84Abd] is not shown in the diagram, because pure Ho is Mg-type cph up to the melting point.<294>H.O. 60Bri: L.H. Brixner, J. Inorg. Nucl. Chem., 15, 199-201 (1960). 66Hoh: D. Hohnke and E. Parthe, Acta Crystallogr., 21, 435-437 (1966). 68Rie: W. Rieger and E. Parthe, Acta Crystallogr. B, 24(3), 456-458 (1968). 69Eat: N.L. Eatough and H.T. Hall, Inorg. Chem., 8(7), 1439 (1969). 84Abd: M.N. Abdusaljamova, O.R. Burnashev, and K.E. Mironov, J. Less-Common Met., 102, L19-L22 (1984). 1