Фазовая диаграмма системы As-Fe

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As-Fe (Arsenic-Iron) H. Okamoto The assessed phase diagram for the As-Fe system is based primarily on the data of [07Fri], [23Obe], [38Sve], [52Saw], [57Sve], and [60Cla], with review of the data of [34Jon], [53Saw], and [79Boz]. The equilibrium phases are (1) the liquid, L; (2) the rhombohedral terminal solid solution, (aAs); (3) orthorhombic FeS2-type As2Fe; (4) orthorhombic MnP-type AsFe; (5) high- temperature As2Fe3, with an unknown structure; (6) tetragonal Cu2Sb-type AsFe2; (7) the bcc terminal solid solution, (aFe); and (8) the fcc terminal solid solution, (gFe). Rhombohedral As5Fe12 exists under high pressures. The As-rich end of the assessed diagram is observed only under high pressures. The solubility of Fe in (aAs) at the eutectic temperature is ~0.07 at.% [60Cla] . No conclusive reports are available regarding the exact composition of As2Fe. The melting point is shown at 1020 C, because the melting point of a 30 at.% Fe alloy (1018 C) is nearly the same as the melting point of As2Fe [60Cla]. The phase field of As2Fe3 is ambiguous. At 1000 C, [07Fri] observed the peritectic formation of a compound with the approximate composition As4Fe5, which decomposes at a lower temperature (~800 C). [07Fri] also proposed As2Fe3, existing below 800 C. According to [53Saw], the high-temperature phase (As2Fe3) decomposes eutectoidally at 824 C, and the low-temperature phase does not exist. As2Fe3 was not found in a sintered product of Fe and As powder mixture at 470 C [63Pas]. [28Hag] found no evidence of phases corresponding to either form. Apparently, the high-temperature phase could not be retained. (gFe) with 0.22 to 1.68 at.% As transforms into lath-shaped martensite by rapid quenching [77Boz]. As5Fe12 forms by the decomposition reaction 7AsFe2 <259> As5Fe12 + 2AsFe at 1000 C and 30 kbar [83Maa]. The N‚el temperature of AsFe is -196 с 1 C [72Sel], and that of AsFe2 is ~50 [ 64Ach], 77.3 [82Cor], 80 [67Ach], ~82.3 [85Gre], 94 с 1 [73Gra], or 95 C [ 66Hol]. Further information on the spin configuration and other magnetic properties of AsFe2 can be found in [64Kat], [65Kat], [66Hol], [66Kat], [67Ach] , [73Gra], [76Raj], and [82Cor]. The Curie temperature of aFe is 770 C [82Swa]. The composition dependence of the Curie temperature of (aFe) was measured by [54Saw] (assessed diagram). The Curie temperature could not be well defined earlier by [12Lie] and [23Obe]. 07Fri: K. Friedrich, Metallurgie, 4(5), 129-137 (1907) in German. 12Lie: J. Liedgens, Stahl Eisen, 32(51), 2109-2115 (1912) in German. 23Obe: P. Oberhoffer and A. Gallaschik, Stahl Eisen, 43(12), 398-400 (1923) in German. 28Hag: G. Hagg, Z. Kristallogr., 68, 470-471 (1928) in German. 29Hag: G. Hagg, Z. Kristallogr., 71, 134-136 (1929) in German. 32Bue: M.J. Buerger, Z. Kristallogr., 97, 504-513 (1932) in German. 34Jon: W.D. 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