Фазовая диаграмма системы C-Mn

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C-Mn (Carbon-Manganese) Editor The Mn-C phase diagram (0 to 40 at.% C) was calculated by [90Hua] based on experimental phase boundary and thermodynamic data. The agreement among published phase diagrams [35Vog, 51Iso, 63Sch, 73Ben, 77Sch, 79Tan, 89Dus] is only qualitative. "Mn15C4", identified by [64Bou], was originally reported by [ 54Kuo] as Mn7C2. However, Mn15C4 is probably an oxycarbide [66Jac] and is not included in the diagram of [90Hua].-H.O. 33Wes: A. Westgren, Jernkontorets Ann., 117, 501-512 (1933) in German. 35Vog: R. Vogel and W. Doring, Arch. EisenhЃttenwes., 9, 247-252 (1935) in German. 44Ohm: E. Ohman, Jernkontorets Ann., 128, 13-16 (1944) in German. 51Iso: M. Isobe, Sci. Rep. Res. Tohoku Univ. A, 3, 468-490 (1951). 54Kuo: K. Kuo and L.E. Persson, J. Iron Steel Inst., 178, 39-44 (1954). 63Sch: H. Schenck, M.G. Frohberg, and E. Steinmetz, Arch. EisenhЃttenwes., 34, 37-42 (1963) in German. 64Bou: J.P. Bouchard and R. Fruchart, Compt. Rend., 259, 160-161 (1964) in French. 66Jac: K.H. Jack and S. Wild, Nature, 212, 248-250 (1966). 73Ben: R. Benz, J.F. Elliot, and J. Chipman, Metall. Trans., 4(6), 1449-1452 ( 1973). 77Sch: E. Schumann and I.K. Geissler, Giesserei-Forsch., 29, 153 (1977). 79Tan: A. Tanaka, Trans. Jpn. Inst. Met., 20(9), 516-522 (1979). 89Dus: S. DuSichen, S. Seetharaman, and L.I. Staffansson, Metall. Trans. B, 20( 5), 747-754 (1989). 90Hua: W. Huang, Scand. J. Metall., 19(1), 26-32 (1990). 1