Фазовая диаграмма системы Cd-Cu

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Cd-Cu (Cadmium-Copper) P.R. Subramanian and D.E. Laughlin The assessed Cu-Cd phase diagram is based primarily on the experimental work of [24Jen] and closely follows the assessment of [Hansen]. However, modifications have been made in the (Cu) boundary as well as in the e phase field to bring the phase diagram into accord with more recent experimental studies [47Rau, 62Sul, 81Gla]. The equilibrium phases are (1) the liquid, L; (2) the fcc A1 terminal solid solution, (Cu), with a retrograde solubility of Cd, and a maximum solubility of 2.56 at.% Cd at 650 C; (3) the C36 MgNi2-type hexagonal intermediate phase, b or Cu2Cd, with negligible homogeneity range, which forms peritectically at 549 C; (4) the complex cubic g phase or Cu4Cd3, which forms peritectically at 547 C, with a maximum homogeneity range of ~5 at.% Cd; (5) the complex cubic d phase or Cu5Cd8, which forms congruently from the liquid at 563 C, with a maximum homogeneity range between 52.2 and 66 at.% Cd; (6) the D811 Al5Co2- type e phase or Cu3Cd10, which forms peritectically at 397 C, with a maximum homogeneity range of ~1.3 at.% Cd; and (7) the cph A3 Cd terminal solid solution, (Cd), with a solubility of ~0.12 at.% Cu at 300 C. 24Jen: C.H.M. Jenkins and D. Hanson, J. Inst. Met., 31, 257-273 (1924). 47Rau: E. Raub, Z. Metallkd., 38(2), 119-120 (1947) in German. 62Sul: M.S. Sulonen, Acta Polytech. Scand., No. 313, Ser. Ch. 18, 1-22 (1962). 81Gla: V.M. Glazov, I.M. Pavlova, and V.V. Kachakhidze, Sov. Non-Ferrous Met. Res., 9(2), 170-174 (1980). Published in Bull. Alloy Phase Diagrams, 11(2), Apr 1988. Complete evaluation contains 5 figures, 7 tables, and 56 references. Special Points of the Cu-Cd System