Фазовая диаграмма системы Cd-Tl

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Cd-Tl (Cadmium-Thallium) Editor The Cd-Tl phase diagram is redrawn from [53Sli], which is based on differential thermal analysis of 25 alloys. The liquidus boundaries are in good agreement with those determined by [02Kur]. More recent data are also in good agreement with [53Sli] (see review by [86Vol]).-H.O. 02Kur: N.S. Kurnakow and N.A. Puchin, Z. Anorg. Allg. Chem., 30, 101-108 (1902) . 53Sli: B. Sliwa and Z. Wojtaszek, Zeszyty Nauk. Uniw. Jaqiel., Ser. Nauk Mat. Przyrod. Mat. Fiz. Chem., (3), 89-96 (1953), quoted in [Elliott]. 86Vol: A.E. Vol and I.K. Kagan, Handbook of Binary Metallic Systems, Vol. 4, N. V. Ageev, Ed., Amerind Publishing Co., New Delhi, 762-765 (1986). 1