Фазовая диаграмма системы Ce-Ni

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Ce-Ni (Cerium-Nickel) P. Nash and C.H. Tung The assessed Ce-Ni phase diagram is essentially the same as those of [67Geb] and [74Gsc]. It contains six line compounds-Ce7Ni3, CeNi, CeNi2, CeNi3, Ce2Ni7, and CeNi5. The terminal solid solutions have very restricted solubility. Three of the intermediate phases-Ce7Ni3, CeNi, and CeNi5-are congruently melting compounds; three others-CeNi2, CeNi3, and CeNi5-form peritectic reactions. There are four eutectic reactions-L = (Ce) + Ce7Ni3, L = Ce7Ni3 + CeNi, L = CeNi + CeNi2, L = (Ni) + CeNi5. The assessed phase diagram is based primarily on review of the experimental data of [47Vog], [63Wit], [67Geb], and [74Gsc]. [47Vog] established a fairly complete Ce-Ni phase diagram. However, [47Vog] stated that there was some doubt as to the exact stoichiometry of CeNi3 and CeNi4. The most Ce-rich compound was found to be Ce7Ni3 [47Vog]. [67Geb] used higher purity materials to establish their phase diagram, thus more weight is placed on the data of [67Geb]. However, there are still some uncertainties in the results of [67Geb]; unexplained isothermal breaks at 1080, 1095, and 1120 C between 78 and 83 at.% Ni may indicate additional compounds. The only data available for the liquid compositions of the three peritectic reactions, L + CeNi3 = CeNi2, L + Ce2Ni7 = CeNi3, and L + CeNi5 = Ce2Ni7, were from [67Geb] and were accepted in the present assessment. According to [67Geb], the eutectic compositions of L = (Ni) + Ce7Ni3 and L = CeNi + CeNi2 are 22 at. % Ni and 55 at.% Ni, respectively. [64Dui] determined the solubility of Ce in (Ni) to be 0.052 at.% Ce at maximum. The solid solubility of Ni in (Ce) suggested by [74Gsc] is uncertain and thus is shown as dashed lines in the assessed diagram. Some magnetic properties of the intermetallic compounds in this system can be found in [62Nes], [64Abr], [73Olc], and [73Wal]. According to [73Wal], Ni in these compounds appears to be nonmagnetic. The following uncertainties in the Ce-Ni phase diagram should be resolved: (1) the solubility of Ni in Ce; (2) the effects of Ni on the Ce polymorphic transformation; (3) isothermal breaks at 1080, 1095, and 1120 C between 78 and 83 at.% Ni reported by [67Geb] could mean additional unreported binary compounds; and (4) the disagreement concerning the melting temperatures of Ce7Ni3, CeNi, and CeNi5 and the liquidus; and (5) the composition range of CeNi. 42Ful: W. Fulling, K. Moeller, and R. Vogel, Z. Metallkd., 34, 253-254 (1942) in German. 42Now: H. Nowotny, Z. Metallkd., 34, 247-253 (1942) in German. 47Vog: R. Vogel, A. Iandelli, and L. Rolla, Z. Metallkd., 38, 97-103 (1947) in German. 59Nas: K. Nassau, L.F. Cherry, and W.E. Wallace, J. Phys. Chem. Solids, 16, 123-130 (1960). 59Cro: D.T. Cromer and A.C. Larson, Acta Crystallogr., 12, 855-859 (1959). 60Wer: J.H. Wernick and S. Geller, Trans. AIME, 218, 866-868 (1960). 61Dwi: A.E. Dwight, Trans. ASM, 53, 479-500 (1961). 61Fin: J.J. Finney and A. Rosenzwieg, Acta Crystallogr., 14, 69 (1961). 61Gsc: K.A. Gschneidner, Jr., Rare Earth Alloys, Van Nostrand, Princeton, 19- 20 and 225-226 (1961). 61Roo: R.B. Roof, Jr., A.C. Larson, and D.T. Cromer, Acta Crystallogr., 14, 1084-1087 (1961). 62Nes: E.A. Nesbitt, H.J. Williams, J.H. Wernick, and R.C. Sherwood, J. Appl. Phys., 33, 1674-1678 (1962). 63Wit: L.J. Wittenberg and G.R. Grove, U.S. At. Energy Comm., MLM-1184 (1963) 10-11, MLM-1199, 6-7 (1963). 64Abr: S.C. Abrahams, J.L. Bernstein, R.C. Sherwood, J.H. Wernick, and H.J. Williams, J. Phys. Chem. Solids, 25, 1069-1080 (1964). 64Dui: U.K. Duisemaliev, Zh. Neorg. Khim., 9, 755-756 (1964); TR: Russ. J. Inorg. Chem., 9, 417-419 (1964). 64Wal: R.E. Walline and W.E. Wallace, J. Chem. Phys., 41(6), 1587-1591 (1964). 65Dwi: A.E. Dwight, R.A. Conner, Jr., and J.W. Downey, Acta Crystallogr., 18, 835-839 (1965). 67Geb: J.M. Gebhart, III, D.E. Etter, and P.A. Tucker, "Proc. 6th Rare Earth Res. Conf.," May 3-5, 452-457 (1967). 67Man: R.C. Mansey, G.V. Raynor, and I.R. Harris, J. Less-Common Met., 14, 337- 347 (1967). 69Vir: A.V. Virkar and A. Raman, J. Less-Common Met., 18, 59-66 (1969). 70Bus: K.H.J. Buschow and A.S. Van Der Goot, J. Less-Common Met., 22, 419-428 ( 1970). 73Olc: G.L. Olcese, J. Less-Common Met., 33, 71-81 (1973). 73Wal: W.E. Wallace, Rare Earth Intermetallics, Academic Press, New York and London, 111-144 (1973). 74Gsc: K.A. Gschneidner and M.E. Verkade, Document IS-RIC-7, 28-29 (1974). Published in Phase Diagrams of Binary Nickel Alloys, 1991. Complete evaluation contains 3 figures, 8 tables, and 43 references. 1